Tips for a Brick Separator MOC

Thank you, everyone, for keeping it rolling! We noticed that there have been even more builders out there! While we’re still open to all submissions, we do pick and showcase standout builds for a wide audience!

Here are tips on getting a MOC featured on Kayu Builder


1) Make it instantly recognisable 

Make it instantly recognisable without your viewers needing to put much thought into it


2) Integrate the Brick Separator seamless

Make it feel like it’s a natural fit and not forced

Dump truck

3) Make it orange themed

Add orange elements to blend with the separator to make it feel part of the build

My second build for the brick  separator challenge.  The Kayu Kingdom Tower Bridge  #KayuBrickSeparator

The SECRET 4th TIP: Make great photos of your build!

You’ve made it this far…. you deserve another tip! A great photo can help a build stand out even more. Since you’ve already spent lots of effort building, go the extra mile to make it look great!

MOC Credits

  1. Kickboard by Tan Kok Mun
  2. Truck by Hsin Wei Chi
  3. London Bridge by Eric Ong

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