Builder Profiles

Meet the creative minds behind the MOC. We also asked our featured builders to pick an element of choice. It could be something they love? or hate? or simply another reason! We leave you find out why they chose those elements – you may want to reach out to them on their respective contact points below. We’re just giving you an excuse to make a new friend – or maybe learn a new tip or two from your fellow moccers! 😉

Johnnie “Brick” Xavier

jbxJohnny Brick Xavier started out as a collector since “Cafe Corner” and began his journey as a Moccer since Halloween 2015. He spends 70% of his time building sets, and 30% moccing. The parts he uses to MOC comes from the Pick-A-Brick wall and the Local LCS, so far there has not been a need to Bricklink! His skills are versatile from Mechas to buildings and what I consider to be ‘attractive’ builds! No stranger to the MOC community, he has been featured on The Brothers Brick as well for Bricknerd!


Kelvin “Chubbybots” Low

kelvinKelvin Low is also known as Chubbybots specialises in Mecha, mixel remixes and the occasional creature feature. That does not mean he can’t flex his muscles in other areas, and it’s proven in the Kayu Builder builds. He leads an extremely active worldwide Facebook Community to encourage the growth and nurturing of like-minded moccers of LEGO mecha techniques and builds. He’s been featured in many international publications including BrickJournal, The Brothers Brick, and BrickNerd!

Brick Mecha Division:

Tan Kok Mun

kokmunKok Mun has been moccing since mid-2012 and with a huge influence of Iron Man. He even submitted an Iron Man Mech MOC for Cuusoo (now LEGO Ideas) (ask him to show you the photos!) He treats each build like a puzzle and works his way out to make it look great! We find him like a silent ninja – out of nowhere, he comes out with amazing builds. He too has been featured in international blog sites such as The Brothers Brick. He claims that everything he builds comes with instructions, including the MOCs that you see on his Flickr site or for the Kayu Builder creations. The instructions magically appear on his bedside every morning. We’re still trying to set up a trap to find out about this magical LEGO instruction-delivery elf. We’ll update this post when that happens. (Our 6th sense just tells us his moccing skills are just too damn good!)


Eric Ong

eric-kbEric Ong has been in the LEGO scene for about 3 years now (since 2014). He enjoys LOTR and Hobbit sets, but especially Superheros for the Iron-man Minifigures. He usually will buy creator sets to part for the elements! He has a passion for army vehicles and one of the few army theme related builders in the region. So, if you have a similar liking, you know who to reach out to!!!


Handoko Setyawan

handoko<< …is looking for some missing LEGO pieces that fell behind his desk during the Kayu Builder rush, we’re not sure when he’s available next, or if he will ever find that 1×5 brick – but we promise you, we’ll hunt him down to find out about his favourite hobby, knolling LEGO parts >> 

jokes aside…

Handoko typically does bigger and more complex builds and has a unique skill at looking at things out of the box and modify them to make things better especially with motors and moving mechanism. He actively participates in his Local LUG events which have donation drives to support a worthy cause. In Season I of Kayu Builder, he churned out the most number of builds, and he constantly reminds us he had to sacrifice his “Friends” set for the seed in play. If you ask us, it was well worth the sacrifice and utilised to the maximum with the ideas he had! Again, his skills have not gone unnoticed as he’s been featured in sites like The Brothers Brick, and even Adam Savage (from MythBusters) has given him the thumbs up for his amazing mods builds!


Chua Chee Keong

cheekeong2Chee Keong started with LEGO about 2 years ago, and moccing around slightly over 18 months now. He’s a modular collector and a huge fan of Minifigures, especially superheros. He started moccing by looking at google images, and soon building from inspiration for taking photo shoots. He admits that parts are hard to come by, so he ‘borrows’ them from his son’s sets for his MOCs, whether his son ever gets them back is altogether another story! LOL! He also admits “killing” sets for their parts! He misses the Mixels theme and frequently attempts at the 4th build which is a small challenge but good to keep the moccing fingers busy!


Jennifer Lee

jenn2Jennifer started moccing in December 2015. Technically, she’s never built an official LEGO set before! A half completed modular was as far as she got and the build eventually got torn down for her own modular build of Standard Charted Headquarters Bank! She’s also been featured in Brick Journal Magazine for her huge Friends Park build! She learnt a lot of LEGO from her own son and eventually mastered her techniques. And just like her son, he does not build sets, but immediately tears them apart for his own creative MOCs! Looks like we have a great dynamic duo that will make magnificent builds together one day!


Hsinwei Chi aka LEGO7

hsinHsinwei or better known as LEGO 7 needs no real introduction. You’ve probably seen his work strewn across all the world wide web, from Brothers Brick, to Brickset, and every other site you can think of. Over and above that, he’ won numerous competitions across the world, including the May 4th celebrations in Legoland Malaysia in 2016. A fan of Star Wars classic movies, he has a very keen sense of visualisation that starts in his mind and eventually has a draft idea of how it’s going to pan out. A designer by day and Moccer by nights, it’s rumoured that he’s also known as the “Demon Moccer of Taiwan”. Yes, that’s how “feared” of he is in the community! We simply think he’s Bond, 007,  builds brilliant, like a sniper! One shot one kill! Leaving our jaws dropping in awe!



… is lost in space.


The year is 2046. The spaceship Jupiter 2 hits a rip in spacetime and crashes on a planet. Stranded light years from their intended destination, the Robinsons and company find themselves battling a strange new alien environment and their own personal demons. 

Shirley Yoong

shirley<< …is busy building her next Masterpiece MOC, we’ll update this when she takes a break and have some time to share with us what she thinks of ABS plastic. We’d like to believe her, but our sources tell us she’s using that as an undercover story – the truth is she’s already training and making sure her ninja swords are sharpened for the next Kayu Builder challenge! >>

Shirley is quite an active participant in many local LEGO events and started Moccing in 2015 again after her dark ages as a child. She does vignettes and also has had a stellar response on her feature The Brothers Brick for her Modular LEGO store. Her participation for Season I of Kayu Builder was only marred by the delay of parts from an unreliable Bricklink seller.