Interview with Tan Kok Mun

Tan Kok Mun always gives us great surprises of us builds whether during the Kayu Builder challenge or just for any other MOC. He claims that he wakes up to instructions beside his bed every morning. We think it’s just his way of saying he dreams of building LEGO in his sleep and wakes up with inspiration. The Kayu Builder we use for this challenge name itself came from Kok Mun’s own idea who was too humble when complimented on his builds, saying his builds were ‘Kayu’ and not worthy.

Well, we certainly don’t need him to tell us how amazing his builds are, his work speaks, no… it screams out on its own! Let’s hear from him in his own words on his experience during the month long challenge!


What triggered you to join in the fun?
Saw it as a fun thing to do and encourage by my fellow MOCers (you know who).

How did you feel during a preparation for a MOC? Any ‘pressure’ from other builders?
Enjoying doing the MOC as there is no “real” dateline. Pressure will always be there.
How did you prepare for ideas on your builds? All in the mind? Sketches? etc?
All in the mind. Start with a general idea and consult Dr.Google. Look at image and other similar MOC (if any) to avoid duplication. Then start thinking about the main overall look and how some of the key pieces will be connected. After that is doing the actual build. There will be a few iterations to this. Sometime there are failures and will start all over with a new idea.
What tips would you give for future NEW participants?
Just MOC what you like. The main purpose is to have fun while doing it. Will certainly learns new things looking at other MOCs.
Any other comments? Say anything, everything, I’ll keep it a secret (NOT!) LOL!
LEGO is all about fun.

Here’s a re-cap on Kok Mun’s wonderful builds for the Kayu Builder challenge!


tkm-KAYU_BUILDER-Cobra-1 tkm-KAYU_BUILDER-Catapult-1 tkm-KAYU_BUILDER-KAYU_Rubber_Stamp-1 tkm-KAYU_BUILDER-Steampunk_Eagle_Vision-1 tkm-KAYU_BUILDER-Getaway_Bike-1 tkm-KAYU_BUILDER-Mr.PotatoHead-RunawayHand-1 tkm-KAYU_BUILDER-Dr.Ock-ArmUpgrade-2 tkm-KAYU_BUILDER-Trophy-1

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