Interview with Handoko Setyawan

Handoko contributed to Season 1 of Kayu Builder with not only quantity (yes, he had 17 of them!) but each one of them had something unique to it. Ranging from the playful to the funny, to the serious. It was an anticipation of what ideas could come next that would surprise us all, and indeed it did not disappoint. Joining us all the way from down under, here’s our interview with our fellow AFOL.

Your move? ...

What triggered you to join in the fun?
I love the challenge and the fact that it forces you to do build-and-destroy type of built which I don’t do very often. Seeing all the creative way that other kakis builder display tempted me even more. Oh and all that talk cock too … 
How did you feel during a preparation for a MOC? Any ‘pressure’ from other builders?
Peer pressure is there for sure, especially seeing the quality that other been producing day in day out! As far as preparation? I have to break my precious Friends’ balloon set!
How did you prepare for ideas on your builds? All in the mind? Sketches? etc?
No sketching, mostly done by playing with the seed, seeing it from different angles, and imagining what it could be .. mostly related to boobs for some reason … I blame it on the shape. 😀
What tips would you give for future NEW participants?
Have fun 🙂
Any other comments? Say anything, everything, I’ll keep it a secret (NOT!) LOL!
Kayu builder rocks!

In case you missed any of the builds, here are Handoko’s builds from Season 1.

Can I play? Wink-wink This challenge is so nerves wracking, I can barely aim ... Let me whipped up something for you ... I believe I can fly ... Its always sunny in Legoland ... Flying machine Your move? ... Do you want to go for a ride? Itsy Bitsy Mecha Spider ... Finally Hook can retire ... 12 parsecs crossing the elves universe Imperial inspection .. When Mike is young ... and hairy Those light bulb moment ... This is no cave .... Anyone care for a game of Quiddich? Cake time!

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