About Kayu Builder

What does Kayu mean?

Kayu is the literal translation of the word “wood” in the Malay Language. It’s colloquial meaning came to be for the properties of being wooden, or just a useless plank of wood, and a derivative of being a wooden dumb “block-head”. Suitably and perhaps of a nice coincidence, the block-head pseudo meaning seemed appropriate for such a theme – a LEGO block head builder!

How did it come to be?

Kayu builder was inspired by the global phenomenal Iron Builder competition where a LEGO element or “seed” is chosen and two renown community Moccers are tested to challenge each other with the specific seed element use in play.

In the original inception of Kayu Builder – it is never meant to be a competition but of a friendly challenge using the same seed that’s been showcased in the Iron Builder. Instead of the pomp and pride from a worldwide audience, it is meant to show a level of humility behind the build showcase and quality and at one’s own time and pace instead of the pressures of a high-strung competition.

How does one take part?

It’s as simple as building using the seed that’s in play! Build as many as you want, and as frequent as you wish! Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to build with all the available bricks you own – the Kayu Builder just gives you a push start, the ideation of the seed to implant your creations of what magnificent builds that could be imagined and brought to life.

That’s it! The aim is to enjoy yourselves while you’re having a go at it, and perhaps make a new friend or two in the community.