Interview with Eric Ong

Eric Ong has been in the LEGO scene for about 3 years now. He enjoys Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit sets, especially Super-Heros for the Iron-man Minifigures. He usually will buy creator sets to part for the elements! He has a passion for building army vehicles and one of the few army theme related builders in the region. Lets hear from him on what he thought of the Season 1 Kayu Builder challenge!

Seed build: Fugu seto (Blowfish set). Sashimi or Chiri nabe style?

What triggered you to join in the fun?

It is a spontaneous action to support my AFOL friends.

How did you feel during a preparation for a MOC? Any ‘pressure’ from other builders?

Definitely, they have great ideas, concepts and the end results are amazing. Usually we do inspire and support each other through our builds. I just have to think and do it my own way (which might not be as creative, partly because I’m more comfortable with vehicles MOCs) LOL.

How did you prepare for ideas on your builds? All in the mind? Sketches? etc?

I need to get it started whenever the idea comes into my mind. I prefer to keep the design clean and simple (hopefully LEGO will agree with me). Again, the amazing works of my friends is a constant inspiration for me.

What tips would you give for future NEW participants?

Start small and simple but dream big. Let loose your creativity.

Any other comments? Say anything, everything, I’ll keep it a secret (NOT!) LOL!

I’m very surprised with the productivity of the participants! The countless ideas, the fun/funny ones and those epic builds. Its an awesome experience for our regional builders.

Here are Eric’s builds for Season 1 if you’ve missed any of them.

Seed build: Fugu seto (Blowfish set). Sashimi or Chiri nabe style? The Fad. Love it or hate it. Seed figet spinner Build #3 The Freak  My master broke his brick set.  One day, in his worse mood, he created me from the parts.  I have no idea how I look I as fun as a toy should be? Will kids like me? Will the other toys accept me?  I am always happy whenever I The Dove again Chopped chilles and spring onions

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