Interview with Kelvin “Chubbybots” Low

Kelvin is no stranger to the moccing scene as is known as the Mecha Master in these parts of the world. He can practically build a full detailed mecha within 4 hours or less. He leads an extremely active worldwide Facebook Community called Brick Mecha Division to encourage the growth and nurturing of like-minded moccers of LEGO mecha techniques and builds.

kimaris viranoid02

The best part is his skills go beyond Mecha as you can clearly see with his entries for, not 1, not 2, but 13 MOCs!!! We pick his brain to find out what he thought of the month-long session.

What triggered you to join in the fun?
Another friend building with the same part, chip in for fun ^^
How did you feel during a preparation for a MOC? Any ‘pressure’ from other builders?
No pressure only pleasure in seeing how others use the same piece
How did you prepare for ideas on your builds? All in the mind? Sketches? etc?
It’s just putting the pieces down and playing around with it!
What tips would you give for future NEW participants?
Do think too much, just build! Best also look at sources out from your usual LEGO pages. Magazines, books and a walk down the street might give you new ideas!
Any other comments? Say anything, everything, I’ll keep it a secret (NOT!) LOL!
I want the next round ASAP!!

In case you missed Kelvin’s Builds, here’s a quick recap! Click on the thumbnail to see the full images!

chicken01dactyl01brakimaris viranoidwolfhead03elvish ship01weird creature01invader 646-01Extreme hair growth!Nixonstay coolKamen Rider Den O head bust

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