Interview with Johnnie “Brick” Xavier

Johnnie Brick Xavier has been in the LEGO scene for quite a while now. And if you’re not aware, his first build inspired the other moccers to start using the ‘seed’ element to build – talk about LEGO being infectious . We share with you what he thought of the (almost) month long friendly challenge.

PCTC#13: White Rabbit

What triggered you to join in the fun? 

I joined in after my first build (a casual table scrap MOC) and Kelvin Low’s challenge build (some unknown cute poultry) using the same seed element inspired the formation of Kayu Builder. Initially, I wanted to build 2, or maybe just 3. Hahaha! But I got hooked. I now have 13 entries, including the first unintentional one.
How did you feel during a preparation for a MOC? Any ‘pressure’ from other builders?
Honestly, I wasn’t really paying full attention to what all the other builders are putting out as I was more focused on my own MOCs. Besides, I knew there would be more builders joining in for sure. It would be hard to keep track. So no pressure from there.
More likely, time is the pressure. It’s a joy when u go into the Kayu Builder page at the end of the day to admire the beautiful works and take them all in slowly. There are definitely some jaw-dropping outstanding works to learn from.
How did you prepare for ideas on your builds? All in the mind? Sketches? etc?
I wanted my designs to form a series to showcase a certain style (maybe…) but with a breath of subjects to prove that I’m not some one-trick pony. I can be artsy, cutesy, spacey, Zen, colour-explosive, witty, silly, etc… I knew from the second build that I might have close to 10 builds of manageable size.
There are some builds which I wish I could have more time for. For example, I wanted to build a detailed iceberg for the Seal Pup and the Igloo to sit on. I wanted to build a massive cottage interior backdrop for my White Rabbit. Of course, I have tonnes of ideas in my head, but I have to pick what I can manage due to time constraints. I also wanted to build the forced perspective view of the Sydney Opera House from a certain angle, a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, a crazy retro rocket ship for a new mining I just bought. LOL.
What tips would you give for future NEW participants?
Just be crazy! Hahaha!
Any other comments? Say anything, everything, I’ll keep it a secret (NOT!) LOL!
LOL. It’s a secret!
Thank you, Johnnie! Especially for the huge number of builds! 13 in total! We look forward to your participation again in the next round of Kayu Builder!

In case you missed his builds during the competition, here they are! Click on them to see the full images!

PCTC#1:  Peel ChairPCTC#2: Sake SushiPCTC#3:  IglooPCTC#4:  Dragonfly Surfboard PCTC#5:  Killer Heel PCTC#6:  Japanese Phalaenopsis PCTC#7:  CannonballPCTC#8: Seal PupPCTC#9: Syndrome's Anti-Balloon ViperPCTC#10: Mongolian TentPCTC#11a: Diamond Carrot HeistPCTC#12: VasePCTC#13: White Rabbit

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