Kayu Builder Season I

kb_seedWe’ve just completed Season I of our friendly challenge and it’s quite a success with 10 builders across 4 countries churning out 77 builds within the span of 22 days! An amazing round!

The Seed in Play is : Panel 4 x 4 x 13 curved tapered with clips

Builders (order in which they first participated) are:

  1. Johnnie “Brick” Xavier
  2. Kelvin “Chubbybots” Low
  3. Tan Kok Mun
  4. Eric Ong
  5. Handoko Setyawan
  6. Chua Chee Keong
  7. Jennifer Lee
  8. Hsinwei Chi aka LEGO7
  9. Edwinder
  10. Shirley Yoong

The participants resided from the following countries

  1. Singapore
  2. Malaysia
  3. Australia
  4. Taiwan

Here are the builds from the folks:

Johnnie “Brick” Xavier

PCTC#1:  Peel ChairPCTC#2: Sake SushiPCTC#3:  IglooPCTC#4:  Dragonfly Surfboard PCTC#5:  Killer Heel PCTC#6:  Japanese Phalaenopsis PCTC#7:  CannonballPCTC#8: Seal PupPCTC#9: Syndrome's Anti-Balloon ViperPCTC#10: Mongolian TentPCTC#11a: Diamond Carrot HeistPCTC#12: VasePCTC#13: White Rabbit

Kelvin “Chubbybots” Low

chicken01dactyl01brakimaris viranoidwolfhead03elvish ship01weird creature01invader 646-01Extreme hair growth!Nixonstay coolKamen Rider Den O head bustflower

Tan Kok Mun

tkm-KAYU_BUILDER-Cobra-1 tkm-KAYU_BUILDER-Catapult-1 tkm-KAYU_BUILDER-KAYU_Rubber_Stamp-1 tkm-KAYU_BUILDER-Steampunk_Eagle_Vision-1 tkm-KAYU_BUILDER-Getaway_Bike-1 tkm-KAYU_BUILDER-Mr.PotatoHead-RunawayHand-1 tkm-KAYU_BUILDER-Dr.Ock-ArmUpgrade-2 tkm-KAYU_BUILDER-Trophy-1

Eric Ong

Seed build: Fugu seto (Blowfish set). Sashimi or Chiri nabe style? The Fad. Love it or hate it. Seed figet spinner Build #3 The Freak  My master broke his brick set.  One day, in his worse mood, he created me from the parts.  I have no idea how I look like...am I as fun as a toy should be? Will kids like me? Will the other toys accept me?  I am always happy whenever I The Dove again Chopped chilles and spring onions

Handoko Setyawan

Can I play? Wink-wink This challenge is so nerves wracking, I can barely aim ... Let me whipped up something for you ... I believe I can fly ... Its always sunny in Legoland ... Flying machine Your move? ... Do you want to go for a ride? Itsy Bitsy Mecha Spider ... Finally Hook can retire ... 12 parsecs crossing the elves universe Imperial inspection .. When Mike is young ... and hairy Those light bulb moment ... This is no cave .... Anyone care for a game of Quiddich? Cake time!

Chua Chee Keong

20170618_153631-01 20170619_082658-01 20170619_223614-01 let's rock! ! relax phew. .phewww Graffied is missing. . 20170624_151635-01 who paint my wings I m groot!  ! victory!

Jennifer Lee

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

Hsinwei Chi aka LEGO7

King Triton and Princess Ariel Lady and the Tramp


Bloop, Bloop, Bloop! Greek Lyre

Shirley Yoong

LEGO Swinging Chair   Who wants to go on a ride on this swinging chair?

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